The International 12' Dinghy

Designed in 1912 by George Cockshott, the International Twelve Foot Dinghy, with its single, high-peaked lugsail, was the first one-design racing dinghy to gain international recognition.  Its widespread popularity led to it being chosen as a class for the 1920 and 1928 Olympic Games.

The first Twelve’s were sailed in 1913 at West Kirby Sailing Club.  Soon after the Royal Engineers Yacht Club adopted the class and before long their boats were spreading throughout the world.

The popularity of the Twelve endures today, largely due to a proactive class association, which represents large fleets of 200+ boats in the Netherlands and Italy, as well as smaller fleets in Turkey, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Austria and even Japan.  The class is regaining popularity elsewhere, including the United Kingdom, where there is a small but growing number of Twelve’s in active commission. 

The Twelve is without doubt a great boat.  Easy to carry on a car trailer, a technical, but safe boat, suitable for every category of sailor, both young and old. It is not too biased towards windward sailing and not too unstable, even in strong winds. 

Every year the Dinghy is successfully sailed by her numerous fans in both national and international events. This is the strength of the Class which, through her national associations, is capable of promoting highly competitive racing events with a truly international flavour.  Soon to celebrate her centenary, she is without doubt an enduring racing classic.

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