The Tideway

Built of mahogany on oak by L.H. Walker of Leigh-on-Sea in Essex from 1954 until 1979.

The boat continues to be built today both in traditional wood and wood trimmed GRP in three main forms, the Popular (or Standard), the Deluxe and the Super. The differences being in the extra features added to the basic hull.

This clinker built sliding gunter-rigged (there are some Bermudan rigs) traditional ‘Swallows and Amazons’ style dinghy provokes interest wherever it is seen. The boat was originally conceived as a family cruising dinghy, but is now more usually sailed with a crew of two or single-handed.

The Tideway Owners Association now have two licensed builders, Good Wood Boat Company for wooden hulled Tideways and Tideway Dinghies Ltd for the wood trimmed GRP. The images above are of Good Wood Boat Company’s recently completed first Tideway (TW520).

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