The Journey Begins…

Boat building projects, large or small, are only successful if they are well thought out and planned. At Good Wood Boat Company we work hard to understand your requirements and all the necessary steps in a project before commiting to action. This helps us to provide reliable customer service and full consultation regarding quality, time and value for money.

Key features of our approach are:

A discussion to understand your requirements and priorities
Research to obtaining drawings class rules and other information such as measurement and photo recording of existing boats
Investigating timber availability, quality and sustainability

We apply our engineering experience to loft the boat with accuracy and precision. In turn this allows us to resolve problems early, save time later and ultimately build a beautiful boat.
For one-designs where repeatability is important we loft to produce accurate moulds, jigs and templates.

Project Planning
Whilst all our boats are hand crafted in the traditional way, we use modern project management approaches to ensure that we can provide high quality and service with value for money.

To keep our customers informed we can provide progress reports and photographic records of the build if you so require.