The Yachting World Day Boat

“We decided the Yachting World Day Boat (YWDB) was the one for us – we wanted something stable, comfortable and dry without a spinnaker but which also provided good racing.”  Pete Hewitt YWDB Committee

The 14ft Yachting World Day Boat is a classic one-design cruising and racing dinghy which blends stability and seaworthiness with good performance.  The rig is bermudan sloop, with a small foresail that can be handled easily.  A generous beam of 5ft 8'' (1.7m) and a 75lb (34kg) steel centre plate combine to deliver a stable family dinghy suitable for safe day sailing on all types of waters including estuaries and coasts.  However, unlike many popular cruising classes the YWDB, whilst forgiving, provides a responsive, manoeuvrable and able windward performance, making her suitable for both class and handicap racing. 

There is a very active Class Association which exists to advise members, promote and maintain a healthy interest in racing and cruising.  Officers and Committee co-ordinate national and local racing, cruising and social events, and keep up to date on matters of interest to Dayboat owners.

Good Wood Boat Company builds traditionally constructed wooden hulled YWDBs using clinker construction boat building methods.  GRP boats are available from boat builder - Chris Somner.

The Yachting World 14ft Dayboat Association
Gravesend Sailing Club
Poole Yacht Club 
Thornbury Sailing Club

Bosham Sailing Club
Avon Sailing Club
(near Tewkesbury)
Chris Somner

Photos courtesy Tim Parkinson