4 Seat Windermere Skiff

The Four Seat Windermere Skiff is a beautiful, stylish and sophisticated rowing boat, common on Lake Windermere and the other English lakes in the nineteenth century.  They were built to a highly-developed design, for use on lakes where wind and wave can make a poorly chosen boat, difficult to handle. 

Large enough for a family and their children, coats, and picnic, they combined space, safety and good performance under oars.  Many of these original boats still exist, and are in everyday use as Lake District hire fleet boats.

This is the ideal boat for those lazy summer afternoons on the water.

We offer a design based on the best genuine original 4-person Skiff that we could find.  It is 19ft 6ins long and 4ft wide, with spacious rowing positions for two oarsmen.  We offer four different levels of construction and fit-out.

Traditional   - Clinker (lapstrake construction) all Wood.
Retro            - Glass reinforced plastic hull with varnished or painted wood fit out
Hire fleet      - Heavy duty Glass Reinforced Plastic with varnished or painted wood fit out
Fisherman    - Rigged as a single scull